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Raccoon Attacks Force Rabies Warning

Posted: 5:43 pm EDT April 3, 2009Updated: 6:14 pm EDT April 3, 2009

There's a rabies warning across much of Orange County. In just the past few weeks, rabid raccoons have attacked at least two dogs. So health officials have put out an alert that stretches all the way from downtown Orlando to the UCF area.

Carrie's boxers are under quarantine after a rabid raccoon jumped into one of the dog's kennels. She didn't want her last name revealed, but she did want her neighbors off Goldenrod Road to know about the rabid raccoon that visited her backyard.

"I grabbed a lantern. That's where I found the raccoon inside my dog's kennel," she said.

The dog killed the rabid raccoon. He wasn't bitten, but the virus can also be transmitted through a scratch.

The virus attacks the central nervous system. Carrie's dogs were vaccinated, but it was long enough ago that health officials were concerned. That's why her dogs and another on Ivanhoe Boulevard were quarantined. Pets aren't immunized after possible exposure like people.

Animal Services said this weekend it'll be out in wooded east Orange County neighborhoods warning nearby residents of the rabies threat.

The Health Department alert is in effect for 60 days.

Carrie told Eyewitness News, so far, her pets aren't showing any signs of illness, but because one of them wasn't fully vaccinated it will be kept out of the family's home for the next six months.

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