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Animal Trapping


We do not harm any animals such as raccoons, bats, pigeons, opossums or other types of animal pests. We use professional traps with a self triggered mechanism that captures the Animal. Once captured all animals are safely released into the wilderness away from homes. All cages contain food and water for the animal and the technicians check up on traps but the customer must call abolish as soon as they spot an animal in the cage. It may be several hours before the animal is released which is why it is important for the customer to report to abolish so the animal may be released quickly. Sometimes the traps may trap untargeted animals such as cats or small pets, in such a case please inform us.View some of our pictures in the Gallery.

Did you know that a pair of mating pigeons can produce up to forty to sixty pigeons a year?

Damage from animals
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When should an animal be live-trapped?

When they are being a nusisance inside the house or attic. inside your garage destroying your property. Abolish uses a variety of tools and methods inorder to successfully capture and remove the targeted animal.

Steps to avoid living with wild animals

Trapping method general and what we do after trapping.

Below is list of the types of animals we are trained and able to trap. Each animal has a specific method and stradegy we use to trap.


pigeoncontrolPigeons may be live-trapped on buildings and other likely locations. Live-traps for pigeons are available. Pre-baiting the traps with grains that the birds are accustomed to will increase success. A variety of baits, including cracked corn, millet, popcorn, sunflower seeds, peas, bread, and peanuts can be used. Water is available in the trap at all times. Trapping in any given area will usually reduce the number of pigeons quickly and humanely. It is labor intensive and most of the time a great reduction measure.


If required, Abolish may trap bats. Although it is not recommended, there are many situations that call for bat trapping. Most Bat jobs consist of excluding bat from their homes. At times, the Bats may not leave or babies may be present. In these types of situations does handling or trapping bats come in. All trapped bats are released after proper proofing of their nesting area is done. Bats will mate in fall or winter and the pups are usually weaned in July or August. A few bat species will migrate to the south when cold weather approaches while other species will just move to trees, caves, mines and attics where the temperature does not go below the freezing point. In some cases, the big brown bat will even roost in buildings throughout the winter if conditions are favorable, e.g. high humidity level and temperature above the freezing point. Bats are loyal to their birthplaces, often returning to the same roost site year after year.


This is the only marsupial in North America. A body length of 12 to 24 inches and its tail 9 to 20 inches. Not the largest marsupial weighing in at less than 15 pounds and with a life span of only 2 to 3 years; no wonder he is a nocturnal creature. They are scavengers of the night looking for food and a place to spend the night. They can eat anything and do so. But caution any food left out specially cat, and dog food will attract them to your home. About the only benefit to you as a home owner is that they sometimes control your rodent problems. A sticky critter in the wild although gentle when left undisturbed, contrary to its vicious looks


The raccoon can be recognized by its notorious black mask and tail with black rings. Adult raccoons can be up to 3 feet long and weigh between 10 to 60 pounds. Raccoons have a whitish gray coat. This fur is long and dense, a grizzled brown and black color that has often been described as "salt and pepper." The tail can grow to be fifteen inches. A tail can have five to seven black rings on it.


Skunks can be found near forests, bushes, Holes, and under buildings. They release a strong stench from a gland as a defense against any attackers. They can be usually identified by their 2 white stripes on the back and are about the same size as a house cat. Always keep a safe distance away from skunks to avoid getting sprayed on. Abolish technicians routinely capture and remove skunks in the spring and take every precaution to avoid lingering spray odors from skunks.


Squirrels are clever and persistent critters and can be a nuisance when they turn your attic, crawlspace, or interior walls into their home. Especially in an area with a dense squirrel population, Squirrel proofing is essential in keeping squirrels as well as other pests out. The only effective way to remove squirrels from your attic or home is by trapping or by one-way trap doors which let the squirrel out but not in. After which proofing should be done. After trapping, Squirrels are released to a remote area alongside a source of water such as a river or pond.


There are about thirty-three snake species in California, six of which are venomous rattlesnakes. While rattlesnakes may be dangerous, there are many beneficial snakes as well; they are a natural means of pest control. Our snake removal and control service can consist of manual removal, snake proofing, snake fencing, repellents, or live trapping if necessary. Proper proofing is the most effective way of avoiding future snake and pest problems.

Gophers & Moles

Gophers and Moles may be present if there are several holes in the yard. Simply ignoring the animals may worsen your yard and infestation population may rise. Proper gopher control is essential in completely removing the pests. Homeowners often attempt to remove the gophers but improper methods leads to reoccurring infestations.


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