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Spider Control


A common pest control service we offer is for inside and outside sprays. There are a vast array of pest insects to defend against including ants, cockroaches, flying insects, fleas, spiders, and other crawling invaders. Different pests require different techniques and chemicals, all technicians are certified and are constantly trained in all aspects of pest control and chemical usage.


About Spiders

There are many different

Family Formiciadae
A wide variety of species are found throughout North America. Most feed on organic matter and are especially attracted by sweet foods. Colonies hibernate in the soil or in garden trash.

Distinguishing characteristics:
Although there are many different species of common house ants, most are black, brown or reddish in color. They range from 1/6” to ¼” in length with an enlarged abdomen. May be winged or wingless.

Control Method :
Eliminating any access to food source and targeting the the mainnest and any nearby satellite nests.


Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

insects have a large array of areas to choose from. That is why our pest control is not just limited to Residential areas but Commercial and Industrial as well. Commercial and Industrial pest control requires much more man power and time considering the vast area that needs to be treated. Most Industrial pest control jobs are usually a compilation of years of infestation.

Commercial areas infested with insects can also bring in many complaints and degrade the status of ones business. An area nesting hundreds or thousands of birds can become an offensive sight as well as a feces contaminated area. There are many instances when someone hires a company for bird control but in turn will simply get a bill for sloppy and ineffective work. A lot of our work is done to fix what other companies have failed to do. Our top priority is to prevent the birds from nesting or roosting in your area. Before we complete our bird proofing we highly recommend our decontamination and cleanup services. If you attempt to clean the infestation yourself, it is strongly recommended to have proper equipment.

Equipment and Chemicals

Abolish Pest Control Company uses a powerful, wide spectrum multi-purpose sanitizing spray to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, mildew, etc. The bactericide and disinfectant is applied directly on bird droppings, nests etc, to neutralize any harmful germs and enable safe removal of the waste materials.

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