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Bee Gallery

This is a collection of photos of common and uncommon Pigeon Control jobs. These photos range from small proofing jobs to large infestation decontamination jobs.

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Bee Hive Removal  - AC Unit

This is a good example of some of the odd places that bees decide to establish their hive.


Bee Hive Removal  - Wall

Bees commonly nest inside wall voids and can fill up adjacent wall voids. Complete removal of the bees' and their nest is important inorder to avoid costly damage. Simply killing the bees and leaving the combs in the wall voids will lead to melted honey, scavenger bees, and scavenging animals.


Bee Hive Removal  - Residential

Besides wall voids, these are some pictures of residential jobs we may come across.


Bee Hive Removal  - Chimney

Bees find the chimney a comfortable home, especially unused chimneys. We had to fix another pest control companies mistakes and remove this hive once and for all.



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