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About Opossum

This is the only marsupial in North America. A body length of 12 to 24 inches and its tail 9 to 20 inches. Not the largest marsupial weighing in at less than 15 pounds and with a life span of only 2 to 3 years; no wonder he is a nocturnal creature. They are scavengers of the night looking for food and a place to spend the night. They can eat anything and do so. But caution any food left out especially cat and dog food will attract them to your home. About the only benefit to you as a home owner is that they sometimes control your rodent problems. A sticky critter in the wild although gentle when left undisturbed, contrary to its vicious looks. There are several instances that someone may come into contact with an Opossum. They are scavengers and are not dangerous unless handled. If felt threathend they "play dead". Although when protecting their young they may be a little more aggressive.

Common places to find Opossums:

Opossums can be found in attics, basements, under houses, in walls, under sheds, and even in cars!

Omnivorous, nocturnal,and begin foraging after sunset.

Distinguishing characteristics:

Long rat-like tail which can be used to grab branches, long whiskers, long narrow snout, and a jaw full of teeth.

Control Method :
Proper exclusion steps, proofing, and/or trapping removal.

Steps to complete Opossum Control:

First, we must animal proof any possible entry points. Making sure the animal and any other future pests can not enter the building or area to help prevent future infestations. Depending on the circumstances, if the animal is present, we may use a pole and noose to catch the opossom causing no harm to him. If the animal can not be spotted we may strategically place live animal traps which will also cause no harm to the animal. Once trapped the opossum is released away from any nearby city. Watch some footage of a release here

We recommend to take proper decontamination steps when dealing with an opossum infestation.

Opossum Gallery

This is a collection of photos of common Opossum Control jobs. These photos range from small proofing jobs to large infestation decontamination jobs.

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Opossum Control  - Residential

Opossums can find ways into your attic or under your house. proper proofing is the best way to avoid this problem.


Opossum Control  - Trapping

Abolish uses humane traps which do not harm the animal. The traps are equipped with sufficient food and water. Technicians are routinely checking on the rats and encourage customers to call once the trap has been set off.



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