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Insulation removal is pest control

Abolish Pest Control offers a wide variety of services including Insulation removal and installation. We frequently do attic decontaminations that require insulation removal, decontamination, and insulation installation. Simply removing old or pest infested insulation greatly improves air quality, improves insulation, reduce electric bills from heating, and deters infestation. (Complete attic service warranteed to keep your attic pest free for years)


Decontamination Services

Depending on the type of cleaning and decontamination services needed, we offer all of these services.

Benefits of having Abolish remove insulation

These are some things you should look for when choosing a company for insulation removal.

  1. We use HEPA filters to prevent harmful particles from becoming airborne
  2. We are certified, licensed and insured for use of pesticide and other chemicals
  3. We are trained to spot any pest infestations or vulnerabilities to infestation
  4. We use pest control insulation to prevent insect infestation

Insulation removal process

Prevent harmful contaminants from becoming airborne

We take many safety procedures including air quality. When insulation is removed small dust particles, spores, and other harmful airborne particles are spread throughout the air. In order to prevent cross-contamination, our steps take this into great consideration and only use US government certified HEPA vacuums. Most companies use common household vacuums that blow harmful contaminants and infectious diseases through out the air and your home. Be sure the company that decontaminates uses a HEPA vacuum.


insulationremovalCertified, licensed and insured for use of pesticide and other chemicals

Another benefit of having Abolish remove your insulation is if it is infested with rodents or insects. We are certified by the state to use pesticides and other chemicals. The process of removing infested insulation may require chemicals to safely remove feces and eliminate odor. Pesticide can also be used to eliminate insect pests




Trained to spot any pest infestations or vulnerabilities to infestation

Most companies that offer insulation removal and Installation are not a certified, licensed, and insured pest control company. The benefits from having Abolish remove your insulation are the forewarnings they may discover. If your attic is infested with an animal or rodent, simply removing the contaminated insulation will not deter their stay there. Abolish will be able to spot and eliminate entry points easily since having professionals inspect, proof, and decontaminate the attic is recommended with Insulation removal.



insulationinstallationUse pest control insulation

If you would like to further deter pest infestation in your attic, we use insulation that will prevent insect pests from nesting in your attic.







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